Good news, KBS lovers. Founders Brewing Co. is releasing a new Kentucky Breakfast Stout variant and bringing back a fan favorite.

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Founders shared the news to Facebook. The Grand Rapids-based brewery's latest addition to their Barrel-Aged Series is KBS Cinnamon Vanilla Cocoa.

Here's how Founders describes it:

...the sumptuous, deep coffee and chocolate flavors of KBS rise to the next level with a swirl of cinnamon and a hint of vanilla to create a sweet-but-not-too-sweet barrel-aged drinking experience. It’s a whole new spin on KBS that’s sure to sweeten your spirits. 12.0% ABV.

Whoa, I think I've found my new fall/ winter beer. Sounds perfect to enjoy in front of a crackling fire (or show on Netflix) while who knows how many feet of snow are piling up outside... Sorry to bring it up, but that snow is coming, and this might be the Michigan brew I need to help me through another Michigan winter...

The returning version of KBS is good for that for too! This one I've had and it's delish.

Founders is bringing back its very first variant: KBS Espresso.

As Founders explains:

Yes, KBS may already be brewed with coffee, but it gets some extra oomph when it’s aged on espresso beans after being removed from barrels. The result is a fresh and snappy coffee twist on our classic barrel-aged beer. Who says you can’t start your day with a barrel-aged stout? 12.0% ABV.

Both variants will be available in 4-packs of 12oz bottles and on draft in Founders GR and Detroit taprooms August 27. They'll be available nationwide in October. If the original KBS is still your favorite, good thing Founders has made it available year-round. You can find a history of the beloved Bourbon-Barel Aged Chocolate Coffee Stout here.

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