The east side of the state is getting a Founders of its own. It will be the brewing company's first taproom outside its headquarters in Grand Rapids, The Detroit Free Press Reports. 


Founders Taproom- Detroit will open Monday, Dec. 4 at 3p.m.

Dave and I have always considered our taproom the heart of the brewery, the place where the Founders culture and spirit is most alive ...We have a strong love for our hometown of Grand Rapids, but more than anything, we’re Michiganders with a strong love and commitment for our beautiful state. Out of that commitment comes our decision to open a second taproom location in Detroit and let our fans on the east side of the state experience the something special that takes place in our taproom day in and day out."

According to Founders' website, "construction moved along at breakneck speed", and they are ready to open their location at 456 Charlotte St. in Detroit next week.

The taproom is 14,000 square feet and will feature Founders' beer, along with special taproom exclusives, and Detroit-inspired food.

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