You've heard the phrase "out with the old, in with the new". Well, how about "in with the old?"

After nearly two decades, Frankenmuth Brewery is re-introducing their famous Old Detroit Amber Ale!

Old Detroit was a Michigan staple in the early 90s. Unfortunately, an F-3 tornado destroyed Frankenmuth Brewery in June of 1996 and production was halted.

Head brewer Jeff Coon says at first it was difficult trying to revive Old Detroit Amber Ale because none of the original recipes were available after the torndado. But as luck would have it, a former Frankenmuth brew master sent Jeff a book of Frankenmuth recipes- Old Detroit Amber Ale included!

Today beer enthusiasts can find Old Detroit Amber Ale on draft in Metro Detroit and six-packs of Old Detroit cans are available at supermarket chains and independent stores throughout Michigan.

Happy hunting. Cheers!