In 1979, David Bowie provided Saturday Night Live with an unforgettable musical performance, and on Saturday, former cast member Fred Armisen returned to the stage to explain just how life-changing Bowie was.

Armisen took the stage on Saturday Night Live, where he told the audience about being in high school in 1979 and staying up late to watch Bowie's SNL performance. What he saw blew him away. Armisen explained, "[David Bowie] had these backup singers that were like choir singers from the future and a toy poodle with a TV monitor in his mouth. David Bowie transformed whatever space he was in, whatever medium he was using and, that night for me, he transformed live television.”

The actor then encouraged the audience to watch videos of Bowie's performances, one of which was aired following Armisen's kind words. You can check it out in the video below.

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