Looking for a nice,18 - 20-foot Christmas tree this year?  I know where you can get one for free.  I mean, it's a bit of a drive, but as I said, it's free, and you'll be doing something cool by taking it.

The Hampton Inn Marquette Waterfront hotel posted on their Facebook page yesterday that they have a tree on their property that would make a great, big Christmas tree for a business or large home and they are hoping someone will come to get it before it has to be destroyed.

No, they don't hate trees, they actually love the tree and are hoping someone can help find it a home for the holidays. Like the Facebook post states, there is construction going on around their property, and where they'd normally create their snowbank, from the parking lot getting plowed during the winter, is unavailable. So they're going to have to make the snowbank right where the tree is currently located, and since it will end up getting destroyed by the plows pushing snow, they're hoping someone will come and take the tree and make it their Christmas tree this year.

We'd love to see it decorated at a business (we already have our tree) or just be of use to someone if it can be. Our team will be removing it soon, so send us a message if interested or tag someone below.

Granted, six hours to Marquette just to grab a free tree may be a bit unreasonable, but maybe, just maybe, you know someone who lives in the U.P. who needs a 20-foot tree and they can save a few hundred dollars (or time looking for one in the woods) and go over to the Hampton Inn and grab this one.

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