If you know a family in need of bunk beds, good news, some good Samaritans are building some to give away in Comstock Park, Michigan.

According to FOX 17, volunteers were hard at work Saturday in Kent County building bunk beds for kids in need.

The ground is called Sleep in Heavenly Peace and they build beds for children who are either homeless or they have to sleep on the floor or a couch.

Sleep in Heavenly Peace are actually a national organization but do have a location in Cedar Springs who help out locally.

Unfortunately there are 62 families who have become homeless in Cedar Springs. Cedar Springs Sleep in Heavenly Peace Chapter president, Sue Thompson said, "the one thing this does for these kids is give them a safe space for their personal being. We provide mattresses, bedding, pillows, everything that is needed that we know these families typically can't afford."

People who are in the group say they can build a set of bunk beds from start to finish in roughly one hour.

Organizers are looking to help 40 kids out with new beds.

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