The solar eclipse expected around dusk tonight may be safely seen at viewing parties in Grand Rapids and Grand Haven.

Today's eclipse will begin around 5:30pm in West Michigan and last for about an hour.

The Grand Rapids Amateur Astronomical Association will host a free viewing party on the top of Grand Rapids Public Museum's parking ramp beginning at 5:00 pm.

In Grand Haven, the solar eclipse may be safely viewed at Grand Haven State Beach thanks to White Pines Planetarium and Boy Scout Troop 246. They have prepared projectors which make viewing the eclipse safe. The projectors will be free to use at Grand Haven State Beach starting at 5:30 pm.

The planetarium in Grand Haven will also host other events including a show for kids in grades K-2, “Amp’s Amazing Night Flight”, which gives a tour of the night sky and solar system. The show starts at 7:15 pm and costs $3 per person.

White Pines Planetarium instructor George Jaeger will host a free presentation on eclipses at 8:15 pm.

Can't make it to a public viewing?

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