Not only is it Friday, but June 4th is also National Doughnut Day. What better way to celebrate than with free or discounted doughnuts!

You can get two free doughnuts at Krispy Kreme on Friday. Since March, they have been giving away a free doughnut a day to anyone who has been vaccinated, you just have to show your vaccination card. That deal continues throughout 2021, regardless of what day it is. Plus, on Doughnut Day everyone gets a free doughnut. That means two doughnuts for people who are vaccinated.

Dunkin' is offering up a free classic doughnut of your choice when you purchase any beverage on Friday, June 4th, while supplies last.

Tim Hortons is running their doughnut deal through Tuesday, June 15th. If you are a registered rewards member you can get one classic or specialty doughnut for just 50 cents with any eligible purchase over 50 cents.

Even Smokey Bones is getting in on the Doughnut Day celebration. You can get a free Bag O' Donuts with any $40 purchase on Friday.

There may be other local doughnut shops offering discounts as well.

And by the way, just what is the correct spelling of doughnuts? Or is it donuts? I've seen it done both ways. I guess it really doesn't matter as long as there is a good doughnut available.

I have a request too...Many years ago, Meijer bakeries made their own doughnuts. They were called "Star Puffs" and they were the BEST doughnuts I've ever had. They were similar to Krispy Kreme's original glazed doughnuts but they were lighter and "fluffier". Please Meijer, can you start making those again? I'd be at your store bakery every morning to get a dozen...and I'd be easy to spot because I'd weigh 300 lbs!

Sometimes I just feel like Homer Simpson..."Donuts!"

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