Friday is the day. My friend Shonda sent me an email yesterday stating "Here’s something to talk about. LOL. Dunkin Donuts is rolling out a donut breakfast sandwich. Apparently their Facebook page is crawling with people denouncing it as the downfall of healthy breakfast." So of course since it has to do with food, Im all over it...

So i found a story on about this sandwich. "Dunkin’ Donuts Glazed Donut Breakfast Sandwich Coming Friday" and its all downhill from here. Really. :)

"Friday is National Donut Day so what better way to celebrate than to try a breakfast sandwich made with a glazed donut? Coming Friday, June 7th to participating Dunkin’ Donuts locations is the Glazed Donut Breakfast Sandwich. Also because of National Donut Day, get a free donut with any beverage purchase."

A glazed donut, egg and bacon. Of course. Baseball parks have a glazed donut hamburger, so why not a breakfast sandwich? And for the record, this sandwich has 360 calories...30 less than the chain's "Turkey Sausage" egg sandwich, you know, the one thats supposed to be "healthy".
Glaze on!

dunkin donuts
dunkin donuts

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