When the power outage plagued northeast sector of the city, a truck from a faraway town saved an ice cream stand from melting. I hope they got free ice cream.

As you can imagine, a sizzling hot Fourth of July is a big day for ice cream sales at the Creston neighborhood's Frosty Boy stand on Plainfield Avenue.

But the Fourth dawned powerless at the Boy after a truck hit a pole, knocking out electricity.

Power failures are not good at a place that relies on freezers to keep the product cold, so some intervention was needed.

Fortunately, Consumers Energy was hot on the case, calling in back up trucks from Kalkaska in Northern Michigan to save the Moose Tracks and other popular flavors. But it was the soft serve that took the biggest hit.

"We had to dump all the ice cream that's in the machines because at that point it's out of temp," Alyssa Naumann, who owns the summer staple told WZZM.

"All we could do was dump the machines, clean it, sanitize it, and get it back up and running with fresh mix," she said.

The store was back in business by 5:00pm, just in time for the post-barbeque rush!


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