The blizzard conditions allowed Frosty to take in a football game before Christmas. He's buffer than I thought he was.

The Blizzard Game For The Victory Cannon Featured A Snowman In The Stands

The six inches of lake effect snow that fell upon Mount Pleasant during the annual Central-Western rivalry game at Kelly-Shorts Stadium gave the active CMU student section a chance to use the snow to help increase attendance.

One enterprising young lady built her dream man out of snow, and placed a cap upon his head (whether it was magical or not remains to be determined).

The TV crew covering the game for ESPN Plus spied the snowman and had some fun with it, even commenting how the snow-bro had some pretty big "guns", referring to this biceps.

The woman sports an E-F letter jacket, leading me to believe she's a graduate of Edsel Ford High School in Dearborn, where she probably began her career as a snow sculptor. In all, I'll give her a B+ for her efforts. It's a pretty manly looking snowman. Even my old art professor would have approved.

Western won the Victory Cannon back after losing it last season, winning the game 12-10, on a late field goal with just 1:52 left.

The rivalry is probably best known for starting the weird tradition of couch burning, which later was passed on to Michigan State fans. Couch burning no longer takes place at the CMU-WMU games, since the game is now played mid-week rather than on a Saturday afternoon, which limits the student's free time to set fires. A sad state of affairs, really, because last night, the students could have used the heat.

Fire up Chips.

November 2014 Set A Record For Snow Fall

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