A gang member in the Detroit area carved the gang's name on a 15-year-old boy's chest.

According to FOX 17, Tuesday a man from the suburban Detroit area plead guilty in Federal court to carving up a young boy's chest.

37-year-old Doniel A. Heard from Canton, Michigan, plead guilty to assault with a dangerous weapon, racketeering and admitted to being the leader of a Michigan group of Bloods street gang.

According to Federal prosecutors, Heard along with three other Bloods beat up and robbed the 15-year-old boy in November of 2017. The reason, Heard believed the boy had disrespected members of the gang.

Two women held the boy down while Heard sat on him, whipped out a large knife and carved "M.O.B. 662" into the boys chest. M.O.B. stands for the phrase, "Members of Bloods" and the 662 refers to the Bloods area code.

Heard is looking at up to 20 years in the big house and will find out his fate March 4, 2020.

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