A former West Michigan weatherman's rant from nearly five years ago has gone viral (again), this time thanks to TikTok.

In the clip from April of 2018, Garry Frank has had it with his co-hosts constantly complaining about his weather forecast, so he lets them know about it. He went viral back then, and now he's back to being posted in news feeds all over the internet.

Garry jokingly goes off about his co-hosts whining about the weather, but there's truth in comedy, and under the joking, there is an audible frustration.

Where is Garry Frank From Fox 17 Grand Rapids Now?

Frank left FOX-17 almost a year after the rant took place to join the station's sister station in Kansas City, Missouri. He is currently working for KSDK in St. Louis, Missouri.

If you think Frank is missing out on reporting on the storm we're currently experiencing in West Michigan, think again. St. Louis is also being hit with arctic air and snow and is currently experiencing wind chills in the negative teens.

Congrats (again), Garry, and this is WAY better than the spider video from two years prior.

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