Last weekend, Garth Brooks had a show at Ford Field in Detroit and to honor one of the greatest Lions of all time, he decided to wear a Barry Sanders jersey.

The Michigan crowd loved it and went nuts when they saw him wearing it.  Side note, Garth Brooks also is an alumni of Oklahoma State University, which is where Barry Sanders played football in college.  Check out some pictures from the show below.

But, once photos started to circulate on the internet, a bunch of people who aren't from Michigan started to chime in about the jersey he wore which said "SANDERS 20" on the back...  because it was Barry Sanders' jersey and he was #20.  Duh!  Check out some of these comments.

And that's just the tip of the iceberg, you can head over to his Facebook page to see people really raging about it. Haha, get a clue, you dopes!

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