The Price of gas is creeping up around here. Supposed to be at $3.59 this afternoon most places. Just remember when you complain about the price of gas in West Michigan, just remember it could always be worse. There's two gas stations in Orlando Florida that charge 6 dollars a gallon. And have for a long time. What?

From the Orlando Sentinel, "Gas stations still trying to conceal prices" Beth Kassab explains

"I think I got completely robbed," said Jay Gandhi, who was on his way last week to return his rental SUV and fly back to Houston. "I don't have a choice because I have a plane to catch." This, ladies and gentlemen, is the last impression of someone who just visited the theme-park capital of the world.

Orlando: Where even the gas stations take you for a ride.

Gandhi paid about $42 for seven gallons at Suncoast Energys, which charges $5.95 for regular. About a mile north on Semoran he could have paid about half that at 7-Eleven, where gas is $3.29. But Gandhi is exactly the kind of customer that Suncoast and the station directly across the street — Sun Gas — profit from: an out-of-towner who is in a hurry and didn't realize how much he was paying until it was too late. The stations have similar names and tactics, but different owners. Suncoast's sign is on a side street and not visible until drivers have turned off Semoran and are pulling into the station. The placement is partly the result of right-of-way restrictions but, come on, couldn't they have done better than that?"

Wow, gas station owners trying to fleece unsuspecting consumers. Who knew? To be fair, there are plenty of good, honest gas station owners. But there are also some shady characters. This story proves it.

I loved the line "Orlando: Where even the gas stations take you for a ride."

At current, gas is around $3.30 in Grand Rapids. Have a great day!