It's not often that a gator pops up in a Michigan creek, but when it does, you best believe a Michigan Man is gonna fire back.

First of all, a family living in Michigan's Thumb had an alligator on their property.

Second, they didn't look after it it and it got away.

Third, it attacked a man minding his own business next door.

Fourth, he was packing.

Fifth, he shot it.

Sixth, it's dead.

Derrick Fells, who lives in Detroit, was looking after some property he maintains in Tuscola County when he suddenly found himself face to face with a six foot long alligator.

"I heard this hissing sound and I couldn't figure out where it was coming from, and I thought maybe it was a possum I was going to walk up on," Fells told NBC 25 News in Saginaw.

When the gator made a move on him, Wells, who has a legal carry permit, shot it with his pistol.

The alligator had escaped from a wildlife rescue sanctuary adjacent to his property. The Tuscola County Sheriff’s office says the owner of the alligator indicated he has an exotic animal rescue at his home and teaches seminars with the wild animals at local schools and outdoor expos.

they say the sanctuary also has emus, rattlesnakes, and more alligators.

The Sheriff's Department are now investigating the owner and a local community association will discuss the sanctuary and whether it is properly permitted.


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