In 1965, Gatorade was invented at the University of Florida (whose mascot is a Gator--hence the name) to help the school's football players replenish lost fluids and minerals in the hot Florida sun.

Now it's ingrained in our public conscious as the sports drink of choice by all kinds of leagues, teams, and pro athletes. To celebrate, Gatorade and it's parent company Pepsico, are counting down the top 50 moments in the last 50 years that--of course-- have something to do with Gatorade.

"The moments include "four" for Super Bowl IV, representing the first time Gatorade was used in the big game. Later, "21" depicts the first "Gatorade bath" at Super Bowl XXI when New York Giant Harry Carson dumped the drink on the team's coach, Bill Parcells. Other moments show famous Gatorade endorsers, like "24" for tennis star Serena Williams recording her 24th ace in a match, or Gatorade-sponsored events, such as "44" for the 1986 NBA slam dunk contest in which diminutive Spud Webb showed off his 44-inch vertical leap."

This ad debuted on Christmas Day. Watch it at your leisure now.

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