California's infamous "geezer bandit" may be caught red handed... literally. The suspect, believed to be in his 70s, and wanted in connection with more than a dozen robberies, had a red dye pack explode during his most recent hold up on Friday. The Geez dropped the money in the parking lot and took off.  The elderly thief likely got the dye on this hands and clothing, and also may have also left a key piece of evidence. Watch the video after the jump.

Footage from parking lot looks like the old man bank robber left behind an address book or day planner that could lead to his capture. The FBI isn't commenting on evidence left at the scene, but did tell NBCSandiego: "Hopefully we'll have additional information from the robbery and that will move the investigation forward."

Two funny things I found:

A)   A description of the suspect: "An elderly white male about 6 feet 4 inches tall and weighing 175 pounds. He was wearing black slacks, a white shirt, a black tie, a blue baseball hat and glasses during the robbery."...  Of course he's wearing "slacks".  Not pants, not jeans- definitely "slacks".

B) The Geezer Bandit  has a facebook page, where it seems many are actually in support of his thievery! In perusing the comments, I also found that some are speculating if the robber really isn't a much younger man with a really good disguise.

What do you think from the footage? Legit old dude, or is the robber in costume?