I'll admit it, I'm a Gene Simmons fan. My mother doesn't understand this: "Janna, he's a disgusting womanizer. And what about that hair?" She is right on both accounts, but for some reason I still find him charming. Well, as a womanizer, of course charm would be one of his strong points. I don't even really like KISS, I just really really like reality TV and will absolutely get down on a  "Gene Simmons' Family Jewels" marathon on AE. So, I'm pretty glad to hear news that Gene and Shannon finally got hitched!

Us Weekly reports that the couple wed last night in Beverly Hills. Over 400 guests attended, including celebrities Hugh Heffner, Bill Maher, and the KISS band members.

The wedding was taped for "Family Jewels" and will air in an episode this fall.

I can't wait. (Really, I'm serious!)  Maybe I should learn to be patient, like Shannon. I mean, she waited 28 years for that ring...