Can you remember what you did on June 21st? Did you go swimming? go to work? maybe you spent some time with some loved ones? Well, if your answer didn't include "buying a lottery ticket", you're probably not as excited as three Michigan residents who shared a big win on the same day.

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You've likely already heard about one of the winners, a woman who said she ended up purchasing her lottery ticket at different location because she was forced to change her route home. But on that same day, we saw two more $1 million dollar prize winners including The winning tickets were sold all over the state and also include a truck driver from out-of-state who bought his ticket on his drive through, and a man who was just having a bad day and needed a pick-me-up. While all of these people have decided to stay anonymous, The Michigan Lottery has already shared their stories.

Where did they purchase their tickets?

Some people have a superstition of either not buying, or going to locations where winning lottery tickets have been purchased in the past.

The interstate truck driver said he purchased his tickets at the Speedway gas station located at 24118 Cole Avenue in Mattawan

As for the man who had a bad day and bought his ticket as a pick-me-up? He stopped by the J&H Family Stores, located at 917 East Main Street in Owosso on his way home for his winning ticket.

And the woman who ended up having to play an entirely different game? She can thank North Bluff Grocery, located at 6287 M-35 in Gladstone for making her switch worth the money when they sold her that $1M ticket.

Congrats to these winners- and good luck if you decide to play. Turns out, you don't have to be the only person rolling in the cash thanks to the Michigan Lottery.

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