If you have ever had a talk with an older loved one, a parent or well meaning neighbor they probably told you at one time or another "get yourself a college degree Kevin or you will never realize your full potential"

Yeah, Kevin. Come on.

And now the U.S. Census Bureau, which counts all of us every 10 years, has come out with the list of What the average American make, according to Motley Fool.

And what a shock: People with advanced degrees make the most money! Who could have guessed that?

"Those with just a bachelor's degree earn 47 percent more than those who have an associate's degree or who started, but did not finish, college -- and 70 percent more than those who stopped after finishing high school.

In terms of lifetime earnings and net worth, these differences have a huge effect. Those who earn more are usually able to save more. As those savings are invested, they compound more rapidly year after year, creating an even greater gap between those who can save and those who can't."

See Kevin. Go to school and make something of yourself!