The newest 'Godzilla' trailer, titled 'Extended Look,' is two and a half minutes of giant-lizard bliss. Picking up where the last epic trailer left off by adding some new footage, this new peek has us now counting down to the movie's release in minutes instead of days.

The first part of 'Extended Look' is devoted to star Bryan Cranston, who apparently loses his wife to some sort of nuclear meltdown caused by Zilla. While we totally understand the need and purpose for such things, is it wrong for us to say we really don't need the human element/backstory here?

Once a giant tidal wave wipes out a city and Godzilla rears his scaly head -- and tail, in one awesome scene -- it's safe to assume that backstory and character development won't mean much. And you know what? We probably won't care. There's a reason the giant monster gets top billing.

With the movie's May 16 release date still a month and a half away, we may get a few more quick looks at the movie with other trailers and TV spots. Right now, though, we're geeking out over all the great ones that are now out there and hoping they don't screw this thing up.

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