Over the last month or so, COVID-19 restrictions imposed by the state of Michigan are continuing to be relaxed and now it looks like restaurant restrictions are the next to go.

As of the beginning of January 2021, restrictions are still in place that forbids dining indoors.  The restrictions have been in place since November and are part of the "Pause to Save Lives".  The new increased restrictions came as new daily COVID-19 cases were continuously rising, but now that the cases have leveled off and began to fall, some of those restrictions are being eased.

According to an interview with TV 6, Governor Whitmer is optimistic that restaurant restrictions will be gone soon.  After being asked about the possibility of indoor dining reopening, she said:  “Well, I’m hopeful that it’s weeks away. Ah, there is no one more eager to open restaurants than I am, I know what this has meant, I know the sacrifice that people have made. Each of the decisions, they just weigh so heavily.”

You can see the current restrictions in place in this infographic provided by the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services.


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