Michigan State High School championship tournaments in three sports have been put on hold by the latest executive order.

The Michigan State High School Athletic Association (MHSAA) is scrambling today as three of their active playoffs will be effected by the latest COVID-19 shutdown order announced Sunday by Governor Whitmer and the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services.

COVID infections and hospitalizations are reaching record highs around the state, which prompted the shutdown, which goes into effect on Wednesday, November 18.

While volleyball and swimming are competed indoors, those can wait indefinitely to resume, while football is a different story. It's played outdoors, and Michigan can be quite cruel when it comes to weather in December.

The fact that Michigan winter weather is just around the corner is not lost on MHSAA organizers, although they are quick to find good news in that scenario.

“It could be because obviously the weather factor comes into it,” Mark Uyl, executive director of the MHSAA told the Detroit Free Press Sunday. “But yet, a year ago we didn’t have any snow until Christmas.

“We’re going to keep our options open. It wouldn’t be to cancel anything, it would be to suspend and see where it leads us.”

Grand Rapids teams still alive in the football playoffs include Rockford in Division 1, East Grand Rapids in Division 3, Forest Hills Eastern and South Christian in Division 4, and Catholic Central in Division 5.

In Girls Volleyball, Lowell is still alive in Division 1, Grand Rapids Christian in Division 2, and Calvin Christian in Division 3. All of the volleyball semi-finals scheduled for Tuesday have been postponed.

The girls swimming finals were scheduled for Friday and Saturday at Hudsonville High School and Northview High School, and those have been put on hold until at least December.

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