'Learning by doing' is probably great advice most of the time. This isn't one of them.

Our news partner FOX-17 is reporting that an attendee at the Great Lakes Infectious Disease Conference, held at Ferris State University's Grand Rapids Medical Campus, has reported positive for the novel CoVid-19 coronavirus.

In response, the college is asking all of its employees who attended the conference to self-quarantine until they've been tested and cleared for the virus.

The exposure happened on March 7 at the Ferris State Medical Campus on Michigan Avenue. The person who tested positive for the virus did not exhibit symptoms until several days after the event.

“This is the first confirmed case of COVID-19 on one of our campuses, and I felt it was imperative to inform you of this information,” Ferris President David Eisler said in a statement on the FSU web site.

“The university is working closely with the Kent County Health Department and following the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, state and local health guidance in responding to this information.”


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