It's a lesson learned the hard way. They will steal anything from your car in Detroit, even your puppy.

WWJ Newsradio is reporting today about the rough weekend had in the Motor City by a Grand Rapids family.

Alvin and Olga Smelik had driven to Detroit to take their daughter to a concert. They decided to grab a bite to eat while waiting for the show to end, and parked their car on Woodward near Watson around 8pm.

Since the weather was cool and rainy, they decided it was okay to leave their 10 month old Yorkie-Chihuahua mix named Coco in the car. When they returned after dinner, Coco was gone.

The thief had punctured the lock and took the dog, leaving the family heartbroken.

"She's the sweetest thing ever and our hearts are broken," the Smelniks told WWJ.

If you have information about Coco you can text the Smelik's at 616-821-0752.

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