Here's your daily does of cuteness. Seven year old Evolette Westhouse was concerned about the tooth fairy getting the coronavirus, so she helped solve the problem.

Evolette's mom, Kayla, was making masks for her friends when Evolette lost a tooth.

Kayla picks up the story on her Facebook page.

While I tried to explain the tooth fairy can't get coronavirus, Evolette followed up with "how do you know?" And "let's be safe, if she doesn't need it she will just leave it behind and let us know in a note"

She also made fair points like..
- She has to enter my 6ft bubble to get the tooth from under my pillow
- This tooth has been in my mouth, where all the germs are
- What if she comes to my house, and then goes to another kids house? Then that kid has MY germs too.
- What else do you have to do tonight...

So, I found myself last night at the sewing machine... Making my 178th mask. For a fairy. And now you can tell all the children that the tooth fairy is safe 😷😅

To make sure they were safe, Evolette wrote a note to the Tooth Fairy, which you can see in the photos below. And the Tooth Fairy wrote back!

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