Grand Haven, Hudsonville & Spring Lake have decided to opt out of the Marijuana Dispensary's but Grand Rapids will likely welcome the businesses.

According to WZZM, Grand Rapids Mayor, Rosalynn Bliss, plans to adhere to the voters request to legalize marijuana and allow dispensary's and recreational use in the city.     

After the November 6th vote statewide to legalize marijuana and all the support Grand Rapids voters showed in support, Mayor Rasalynn Bliss said, "That spoke volumes to me."

Even though the vote to legalize passed, each Michigan city gets to decide if it will allow public recreational use of marijuana and if dispensary's can open up shop. Also the township will have control over how many licenses will be given out.

Retail shops will not be opening for months until the state puts together a rule system. If a city does allow businesses in to sell and grow marijuana, the city will receive the tax money from the sales. 

If you are thinking of firing up a fatty this Thursday, make sure you are at least 21 years of age because that is one rule that is already in place.

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