It’s not a new program, but it’s also probably not something many people know about. Through the national Museums for All initiative, the Grand Rapids Children’s Museum offers discounted rates for families with an EBT or WIC card.

The Grand Rapids Children’s Museum posted the reminder this past week on their Facebook page, as they reminded parents that if you are on the assistance programs you can get in the children’s museum for just $1.75.

The children’s museum has been a part of the national program since February 2017. The program helps all kids and families experience the city’s museums. Their Facebook post says UICA and Grand Rapids Art Museum are also a part of this initiative, all though I couldn't find anything about it specifically on their websites. The Grand Rapids Art Museum offers free admission on Tuesdays 10a-5p and Thursday nights sponsored by Meijer.

Now in fairness, there were negative comments from people who don’t receive assistance but struggle living paycheck to paycheck, and good news, I did some investigating (I simply went to their website) and found that on Thursdays they do family night from 5 pm to 8 pm (also the only night they’re open past 5:30 pm) and the admission price is just $1.75.

I’ll say it again without all the sentences before it, Thursday night from 5-8 pm you can go for $1.75 – it’s called Family Night and it’s a super affordable way to hang with your kids midweek at the children’s museum.

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