So if you're wanting to take your kids trick or treating for Halloween but you're afraid of the human contact and unsafe social distancing during the coronavirus pandemic, then you're going to definitely want to check out what they're doing on two streets in the Cherry Hill neighborhood to offer COVID-safe trick-or-treating.

Neighbors on Charles and Henry avenues between Cherry and Wealthy streets are offered free candy chutes where they can safely distribute candy, and the chutes are being offered and built by Spring Construction, Kolehouse Strategies, and Urban Pharm. Residents are encouraged to sign up for the chutes and then can decorate them for a prize for the best design.  They are also encouraging neighbors to use an ice scoop or tongs to send candy down the chute to keep the candy germ-free.

“We really wanted kids in our neighborhood to enjoy trick-or-treating on Halloween without putting themselves and our neighbors at risk,” said Kolehouse Strategies Owner Mike Kolehouse. “It’s important that we get creative to give kids good experiences during the pandemic.”
So far they have about 20 houses signed up for the candy chutes and are still encouraging neighbors to sign up for the chutes to be delivered and installed before trick-or-treating on Halloween evening, which will take place on Charles and Henry avenues between 6 and 8 pm, Saturday.  They're hoping to have most of the houses participate so they create a plentiful spot for kids to safely trick-or-treat during the pandemic.
They also plan to have candy chutes set up at Cherry Park with the East Hills Neighborhood Association hosting a whole "socially-distant circuit children can travel for trick-or-treating."
“We’re so glad to be able to use our skills to help create a fun and safe Halloween for kids in Grand Rapids,” said Spring Construction Owner Jason Haight. “It’s going to feel good setting the chutes up on Friday and taking them down Sunday, knowing how much enjoyment and peace of mind they will bring.”


East Hills Neighborhood Association
East Hills Neighborhood Association

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