Free lance reporter Annie Agar was bored while staying at home, so she imagined what a Big Ten Zoom meeting might look like.

Agar, who occasionally reports locally for WOOD-TV, has been going stir crazy during the shutdown, and with jobs becoming scarce, she put her video talents to good use.

Agar, who had to move back home with her parents when her jobs fell flat, set up her iPhone and began recording what a group meeting of Big Ten schools might look like, playing off of their stereotypes.

Michigan is a bit bossy, Michigan State is annoyed at Michigan, Ohio State brags, Northwestern is too smart for the room and Nebraska is challenged by technology.

The hilarious video took just 45 minutes to record, and has earned accolades from the NFL Network's Rich Eisen who tweeted: "I thoroughly enioyed every single frame of this. Tremendous. #GoBlue", and former Michigan great Desmond Howard, who added, "A+".

And since they're both in the broadcasting industry, maybe they could help Agar get a job.

And now, there's a part two featuring the school's she missed on the first one.

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