As spring is on the horizon, so is the use of the "social zones" that most cities had for bars and restaurants so they could serve more people during the COVID-19 restrictions that limit how many people are allowed inside a dining or drinking establishment.

While the COVID-19 vaccine has started rolling out around the world, it's still not happening necessarily as fast as some businesses, including our bars and restaurants, need it to, so as they start looking at what spring and summer 2021 is about to look like and cities start looking at their "social zones" to expand the outdoor dining footprint of the establishments, a few things will probably be different.

One thing for sure, we're going to eat outside a lot again when we go "out". Communities and businesses around the country created the "social zones" or outdoor dining areas by utilizing and closing off public space so they could extend their dining footprint during the pandemic.

WZZM reports that one change happening in Grand Haven is that the restaurants will now have to pay fees for the use of the public space and for the barriers used to separate traffic and pedestrians from the restaurant dining area, so the business can expand its reach outside.

This seems like a bit of a setback for those struggling businesses, by adding one more cost to their budget, but WZZM does say that city officials told them that the business owners can apply for a waiver that will help by moving those new costs to 2022 for payment.




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