Earlier this year, I brought up the fact that we were having kind of a squirrel problem, at least in Grand Rapids, first I had one try to find an opening in the screen of my porch, and then another squirrel ended up knocking out power to around 100 stoplights downtown.

Well, apparently Grand Rapids isn't the only place in West Michigan seeing a lot of squirrels.  At least ours were mainly alive. WOODTV reports that officials at Grand Haven State Park have recently had around 100 dead squirrels wash ashore from Lake Michigan. It didn't all happen in one day, it's been over a couple of weeks and apparently, we don't need to be too alarmed about this sudden trend.

WOODTV and MLive spoke to wildlife officials, one at Grand Haven State Park and one at the Muskegon State Game Area, who explained that while alarming, it does happen. as squirrels can swim. Although not all can swim well, apparently.  They also said most likely they weren't swimming in the lake, but rather in the Grand River, which flows into Lake Michigan and weren't able to make it across.

Why are they swimming across the river in the first place?  The wildlife biologist that spoke to MLive said it was more than likely because they're not finding food where they currently are, so they're moving around to find it, before winter hits. They also said they've seen this happen before, more than once, and that hopefully, the trend would stop soon.


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