With the white stuff falling from the sky, we have confirmation that winter is on its way! A couple of West Michigan zoos will be shutting their gates to visitors for the next couple of wintery months.

John Ball Zoo's Last Day of the Season is November 20th

John Ball Zoo
Photo: John Ball Zoo via Facebook

The last day of the 2022 season for John Ball Zoo will be this Sunday, November 20th. Now is a great time to visit to see some of the animals that like colder weather. The snow leopard, tigers, red pandas, and North American porcupines all come from areas that get cold like Michigan. These animals tend to be more active in colder weather.

During the winter months, the zoo will be open for guided tours. There will also be red panda training or feeding the pandas. Going on a guided tour when the zoo is closed is a great way to see the zoo in a different setting.

The John Ball Zoo is located at 1300 W. Fulton Street in Grand Rapids.

Boulder Ridge Wild Animal Park Already Closed for the Season

Boulder Ridge Wild Animal Park
Photo: Boulder Ridge Wild Animal Park via Facebook

Voted as #1 for the top field trip, top outdoor experience/venue for families, and top birthday party venue, Boulder Ridge Wild Animal Park also closes down for the winter months.

The Boulder Ridge Wild Animal Park website says to "stay tuned for some exciting new announcements this off-season!".

Boulder Ridge Wild Animal Park is located at 8313 Pratt Lake SE, in Alto, MI.

Both the John Ball Zoo and Boulder Ridge Wild Animal Park will re-open again in the spring.


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