Earlier this week I noticed a few different people on my Facebook were sharing and posting about Billy's Lounge, a popular bar in the Eastown neighborhood, that was allegedly putting roofies in people's drinks.

The original post made by a young woman, which has since been modified, stated that not only females but men too had been drugged at the establishment. She did mention that she herself did not get roofied but several people have reached out to her with their stories after the post went viral, with about 600 shares.

Since then, the general manager of Billy's responded with a lengthy post on Facebook about how they have contacted those people who shared their experiences and have also gotten the Grand Rapids Police involved.

With the aid of the Police Departments, nothing so far has surfaced confirming these stories being shared.

They also say they will not allow themselves to be "dragged through the social media mud bath." You can read the full post here.

On Google, Billy's has over 400 ratings with a 4.3/5 score overall. However, I did find a couple reviews from within the last 3-5 months from people making similar accusations.

My sister and I were both rouphied here by the bartenders. Other friends have had this happen here as well. Please stay safe and go to literally any other bar in Grand Rapids.

Girls. Cover your drinks. Don’t be Cosby’d. My dear one got a Ruffee here. Wasn’t good. Be careful may be staff or regulars. Was not a single person. They new the layout. Spread the word! Stay safe!!!!!!!

Other than that, between Google, Yelp, & Facebook most people talk about the fun they have when they go.

Whether these allegations are true or not let this be a reminder to ALWAYS be aware when you are out, especially if you are drinking. Here's a great article full of tips on "How to Avoid Date Rape Drugs When Traveling" but obviously this applies to any situation.

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