We've all been there. You meet up with friends for lunch and maybe just a couple drinks or you agree to go for "just one drink" after work but before you know it, you look at the time and it's already 8 o'clock at night.

WHAAT?! Where did the time go?! Drinking, duh!

And in Grand Rapids aka BEER CITY USA, more often than not, you find yourself wondering "where did the time go?" But it usually ends up being a lot of fun and you let the festivities continue into the night.

So whether you plan on going for "just one drink" or making a day out of it, these are the bars in Grand Rapids where day drinking can easily turn into night drinking:

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    Founders defines Grand Rapids. You are not a true Grand Rapidian if you haven't lost track of time at Founders. Even people who come in from out of town want Founder's to be their first stop.

    And with their outdoor/indoor vibe plus amazing sandwiches, Founders is one of those places where you have no problem spending your entire day (and night) at.

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    Brewery Vivant

    This is a bar where you walk in and don't want to leave. Not only is it a REALLY cool looking brewery but whether winter or summer, you can spend an entire day at Brewery Vivant.

    They make their own beers, they have an interestingly tasty menu and you can sit indoors where it feels like you're in a church, in their bier garden or on the patio. Might as well hop around the whole place if you plan on drinking into the night!

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    Logan's Alley

    If you have one of those days where being around a bunch of people seems miserable, but you still want to go out and have a good time, Logan's Alley is the place for that.

    This is a great neighborhood bar if you don't want to be downtown. And one of the few bars that open at 7 a.m. And they have have you covered for all the meals of the day! I think you see where I'm going with this...

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    It's all about the different types of beer here. You have such a wide selection to choose from, having only one is not possible. But that's okay, because they also have lots of choices when it comes to food too which will help absorb the alcohol. Or just order a bunch of crack fries throughout the day. That alone will keep you at HopCat.

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    Brick & Porter

    With daily and nightly specials, on food & drinks, there really is no reason to venture away from this pub-styled restaurant located in the heart of Downtown Grand Rapids.

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    The Holiday Bar

    Have you been to this neighborhood bar for a Sunday Funday? It's exactly what you need! With their Bloody Mar bar, build-your-own burgers for only $4 and other drink specials... your Sunday Funday just went a lot longer than you originally planned.

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    This is another bar where you can have the ultimate Sunday Funday! They've got specials on their giant gourmet burgers and Bloody Mary bar, a wide selection of beer and peanuts you can munch on all day!

    No matter what time or what day it is, O'Toole's is where you and your friends need to get together at.

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    Grand Woods Lounge

    Start your day eating and drinking outdoors at the Woods and end it with shots at the bar and dancing the night away. If you get one of their buckets, stay put. You won't be going anywhere else.

    I forewarn you though - this place gets really hype on weekend nights so start early ;-)

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    The Knickerbocker

    Also known as New Holland Brewing, the Knickerbocker not only has a ton of beer that they brew, but specialty cocktails, wine and cider. And yes, food, including brunch.

    Oh yea, and this bar is HUGE! Indoor and outdoor seating plus a stage for music.. this is definitely a bar in Grand Rapids where daytime will turn into nighttime before you know it.