Do you love Halloween?  Do you also love Christmas?  Well, this Grand Rapids business is going to be right up your alley.

Horrornaments is the name of the company and they make horror themed Christmas ornaments which seem oddly appropriate for 2020 even if you aren't a Halloween fan.  You can check out everything they have over at, including the horror themed Christmas ornaments, Halloween decorations, and other horror and creepy themed items.

The reason I heard about this awesome little niche shop is a Tik Tok video posted by the owner's daughter which ended up on Reddit.

The ornaments you can get are pretty amazing and there are even some Michigan themed ones as well, like these Insane Clown Posse ornaments.

Courtesy of

And if you have any fans of H.P. Lovecraft in your family, this Cthulhu ornament might be right up their alley.

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Then, if you have any newlyweds in the family this year, what better way to celebrate a 2020 wedding than with a skeleton groom and a zombie bride?

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And finally for all of the little boys and girls in your family who like magic and unicorns, how about a dead one?

Courtesy of has even more than that though.  Support this local business and pick one of their hundreds of designs for a horror lover in your family this year.

Merry Spooky Christmas!

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