A Grand Rapids business that specializes in horror themed ornaments has a brand new Valentine's Day Pack to get for Halloween lovers.

If you remember back in December, we talked about how Horrornaments was offering the perfect gift for fans of horror.  Well, Horrornaments.com is back at it just in time for Valentine's Day with an assortment of ornaments that comes with a display tree and purple LED lighting.

The Valentine's Day Pack comes with the 5 ornaments shown: Heartless Cupid, Valentines Day Skull, Zombie Bride, Ghostly Groom, and Heartless Cupid.  The pack also includes the white display tree and some purple LED lighting for your display.

And in addition to that Valentine's Day offering, they are also selling a Valentines Skull Acrylic Lamp for only 20 bucks.


So, if you can't wait for Halloween, be sure to check out Horrornaments.com and get Halloween 365 days a year with their assortment of horror and Halloween themed ornaments and gifts.

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