Due to an increase in the number of counterfeit bills circulating the Grand Rapids area, an informational seminar will be held on how to identify them, especially useful for those in business.

The Iron Well, a westside bar in Grand Rapids, recently had a few patrons come in and pay with a fake $20 and $50 bill. The owner of the establishment told WZZM

When it's busy, it's easy for that to slip through the cracks honestly.

He also posted a surveillance picture of the frauds.

A bar in the same neighborhood had the same thing happen to them. WZZM says that the GRPD is investigating the incidents.

The seminar is being hosted by Walker Police, the Kent County Sheriff's Office, and the Secret Service. Professionals will be on hand showing people how to easily spot a counterfeit with information to take back to their businesses and employees.

Even though it's geared for businesses in the Alpine & Plainfield region, anyone is welcome to attend. It'll be held at the Alpine Township Office on February 6 from 2p-4p.

Get more info about Identifying Counterfeit Currency on the Facebook event page.

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