What a cool place to take the kids! After getting $586,200 in renovations, a southeast Grand Rapids park has been transformed into a new space for outdoor exploration and education.

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The City of Grand Rapids recently celebrated the grand reopening of Ken-O-Sha Park, which is behind Ken-O-Sha Elementary at 1353 Van Auken St. SE. It's also the trailhead for Plaster Creek Trail. The park has been upgraded with a new playscape, outdoor classroom, green infrastructure, and more.

Check out photos in the gallery below!

According to the City of Grand Rapids funding for the project came from a 2013 voter-approved parks millage, a Great Urban Parks grant from the National Parks and Recreation Association (NRPA), and the Target Corporation in partnership with NRPA and the Connecting Communities to Outdoor Play initiative.

David Marquardt, the City’s parks and recreation director said,

The improvements at Ken-O-Sha Park are a perfect example of combining play, education, and environmental sustainability. We’re grateful to our funding partners that allowed us to leverage tax dollars to invest even further in this important community space.

Improvements at Ken-O-Sha Park include:

  • New natural playscape using recycled fallen trees
  • Outdoor classroom
  • New green infrastructure and daylighted stormwater
  • Nature amplifier along Plaster Creek
  • Screened portable restroom at the Plaster Creek Trail trailhead
  • New accessible pathways
  • Added native planting
  • Ken-O-Sha Park Gets $586K in Upgrades

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