So if you bought a shirt from Fitness Tee Co. or the Fitness Tee Co. Outlet, you might want to chalk it up to a bad purchase, as the  Michigan Attorney General's office has just sent a letter to the parent company, Grand Rapids-based Fitness Tee Co. LLC telling them to stop selling their products after is believed they violated the Michigan Consumer Protection Act.

WOODTV says that the BBB of West Michigan got numerous complaints of the orders taking way longer to be sent, that is if the product was even ever shipped out and then when customers get their order, the quality of the product is way below what was expected.

The BBB says that they were working to resolve "dozens" of complaints but there are still 17 unanswered complaints and that the company stopped working with the BBB to resolve the issues back in early 2020.

The Michigan Attorney General's office sent the cease and desist after tracking down the owners and finding out that the business fell on hardships because of COVID-19, but then they were still taking new orders, even though they haven't fulfilled all the outstanding orders.

The company can now try to resolve the issue with the AG's office first, before they end up in court, according to WOODTV.

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