The Grand Rapids Comic Con recently shred that they were having venue problems for 2023, in a post that spoke about how the Devos Place has had construction delays that will interfere with the Comic-Con "Spring Fling Road Trip" dates of April 14-16, 2023:

We did a bunch of feverish searching around and did find a more than adequate event center that can host us in the same original weekend date as planned, but it is about an hour away from the DeVos Place. On the positive, there are a lot of amenities that we are not used to: the food service prices for fans are the lowest we have had since the HSB Building days, parking will be free, and there is no eTix/TicketMaster so advanced ticket fees will be at a minimum. We can see using this facility for future events as well so this is a good opportunity for us to give the building a test drive.

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Kalamazoo To The Rescue

The post which came yesterday said they would have the announcement of the location later in the day, which came as a total surprise to Kalamazoo:

Happy to announce that the Grand Rapids Comic-Con "Spring Fling Road Trip" will be held at the Kalamazoo County Expo Center in Kalamazoo on April 14-16, 2023!

As of now, there have been no confirmed special guests, autograph signing announcements, or activities, but there will no doubt be more info the closer we get to next Spring, which we will continue to update with any new information announced.

Awesome Cosplay from the 2022 Motor City Comic Con

I have never been to a comic con before, but I knew going into it that many people choose to wear very elaborate and detailed costumes and garb of their favorite pop culture icons. Whether it was from a Disney movie, an epic comic book, a live-play Dungeons and Dragons show, or somewhere in between, there were plenty of people who put their talent to use to create some awe-inspiring cosplay looks. Check out some of the awesome cosplay in the gallery below, and get a sneak peek at what it's like to attend a comic con.


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