I don't know about you, but when I go out into the woods in Michigan, I like leaving the tech world behind, and reveling in the freedom of being unplugged.

But for those of you you want to stay plugged in, a Grand Rapids company has come up with a hunting app to help you track your game.

The Sportsman Tracker mobile app can track the peak wildlife activity times for over 200 different species by factoring in weather and moon patterns, which influence the movement of animals. The tracker also aids with fishing and their web site has blogs giving you suggestions on how to land a big buck or a giant pike.

And, to improve predictions, users can also add information about what they’re seeing and when they’re seeing it.

CEO of Sportsman tracker, Jeff Courter recently told Forbes how he came up with the idea for a hunting app:

My buddy and I were driving to a hunt at 4:30AM. That is when we started to decide which stand to sit at. I told him, ‘I wish there was some sort of program that would help me choose which spot was the best.’  That was the thought that lead me to create the first prediction formula for Sportsman Tracker.  Everything was built on that problem solving moment.

He also shared with Forbes the beauty of being a Grand Rapids business:

Being in GR, we are close to our customer. Just about everyone has a brother, father, uncle, or sister that is into hunting or fishing.  Also, the investment culture in Grand Rapids understands the importance and value of the hunting and fishing markets.  Plus, it’s just a great place to be.  It would be hard for me to leave my home hunting and fishing grounds!