As President Biden begins his term as the 46th President of The United States, not only will he make political changes, but also décor changes to the Oval Office. Every President puts their personal touch to their new office and Biden will too.

Scott Group Studio created rugs for both the Obama and Trump administrations, including one featured in President Obama's Oval Office. Mary Brotebeck, Senior Designer at Scott Group Studio told FOX 17,

“It was basically a very simple rug as far as the design goes, and I think what made it very special are the five quotes that went around the perimeter of the rug; the field of it was just very textural, and then of course you have the presidential seal.”

Rugs made by the Grand Rapids based company have gone into the state dining room, The East room, the Queen's bedroom, diplomatic reception room and private residences. The company has made rugs used by the Ford Presidential Museum. The Biden administration hasn't called upon Scott Group Studio yet, but if they do, the company is ready!

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Biden has made a few changes to the Oval office. He replaced a picture of Andrew Jackson with one of Benjamin Franklin. Biden's new office also features paintings of President Thomas Jefferson and former Treasury Secretary Alexander Hamilton.

Biden has replaced four flags of the branches of military with an American Flag and one of the Presidential seal. He has added busts of Rev. Martin Luther King Jr., Cesar Chavez, Rosa Parks and Eleanor Roosevelt to his new office. On his desk, Biden added multiple family photos.

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