One of the best things about Christmas is decorating and getting into the holiday spirit.

You crank up the Christmas music, set up the Christmas tree, add your favorite ornaments and hang the stockings for Santa Claus.

Then outside you do your best Clark Griswold and hang lights on the roof.

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Bex Takacs-Britz said she wanted to be one of those houses.


She told WZZM, "We don't have a full yard to work with, but I wanted to go full
Clark Griswold to the best of our ability."


But unfortunately for this Grand Rapids family, who was trying to get into the holiday spirit, some local Grinches put a stop to that by stealing their Christmas yard inflatables.


Bex said "We woke up Sunday and looked outside and they were gone. Everything from the far side of the house was missing. The unicorn was gone. Marshall from PAW Patrol and Minnie Mouse were gone."


Not only was Bex disappointed, but so was her four-year-old son. Bex said, "He kept asking why did someone take it? Are the bad guys going to get caught? Are the bad guys coming to take more things? Having to explain that to a four-year-old is not fun. It makes me angry. Who steals Christmas? For real. This isn't the Grinch. Leave things alone that aren't yours. Let people enjoy life,"


Most people would likely be bummed out and lose that magical Christmas spirit if something like this happened, but that's not the case with Bex and her family.


Sure, they filed a police report and installed security cameras to hopefully prevent future Grinches from trying anything in the future. But they also decided to order even bigger inflatables, and they're putting Santa riding a unicorn over a rainbow with a sign saying, 'Have a Magical Christmas' on the roof.

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