You'll soon be able to buy Harmony Brewing Company beers in different restaurants and stores across West Michigan.

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After a decade in business as an exclusively on-site sale brewpub, Harmony Brewing Company has officially changed its licensing to a become a microbrewery. The change also allows Harmony to launch its own lines of wines and spirits.

Harmony is owned by three siblings who opened the first location in Eastown at 1551 Lake Dr SE  in 2012. In addition to brews, Harmony Eastown is known for its wood-fired pizzas.

In 2015, the VanDyke family then opened Harmony Hall on at 401 Stocking Ave NW in 2015. The west side location serves up house-made sausages and burgers and hosts live music and comedy each night. Harmony Hall is also where much of the beer production takes place.

Co-owner Jackson VanDyke says the expansion has been a longtime dream of the siblings,

We have been dreaming about this for a really long time. Harmony has been around for ten years, and we have established a company with a strong reputation and some fantastic products that we are super proud of. We put a lot of love into what we do, and we can’t wait to get Harmony in front of even more people.

The plan is to invest in a new canning line and upgrade Harmony's beer production equipment at Harmony Hall. A small distillery has been build in Harmony Eastown, where the beginning stages of small-scale spirits and liqueur production is in the works.

Co-owner Barry VanDyke says,

We’ve always had an interest in unique liqueurs and herbaceous spirits, and there aren’t too many craft producers of this kind of beverages. We’re going to produce classic spirits alongside of creative new gins and experimental old world inspired liqueurs. It’s a whole new form of expression, I can’t wait!

I'm eager to try Harmony's new beverages! You can keep up with the exciting changes for Harmony Brewing Company on Facebook.

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