Pokemon GO! may be the fastest growing game in the history of apps, but we now live in a world where everything happens very quickly, and the city of Grand Rapids has already started drawing battle lines for the new game. 

There hasn’t been a fad like Pokemon Go is creating in years. As the mobile app game gets hotter, there are some things you need to know.

I told you on this morning's show about the injuries caused so far, and now there is word that crooks are using the app to bait victims. Here’s how the game works to understand. It allows users to enter the virtual world of Pokemon and uses GPS to bring the popular monsters into the real world. Gamers can catch Pokemon in the game, but have to get up and walk around to search for them.

That’s how robbers in O’Fallon, Missouri got their victims. WLS Chicago reports that police responded to reports of an armed robbery early yesterday where the suspects have used the app to bait victims into certain areas before robbing them.

There is an upside to the game besides the obvious workout, though many of those who've been playing Pokemon Go are praising the game for its benefits to their mindset. Some who deal with depression or anxiety say they're using the game to go outside and socialize with other gamers. Others have said it's giving them a purpose to get off the couch.

So where are the hot spots in Grand Rapids for Pokemon GO! fans?

According to a couple of Reddit discussions:

Yellow is dominating Knapp's Corner and surrounding areas. I think they have Frederik Meijer Gardens locked down, as well.


The West Side seems to be primarily Red and I've heard similar things about Eastown. I, too, am Team Yellow but I have very little assistance in my neighborhood. Also, very few pokestops.


Lowell is pretty good in terms of stops and gyms, at least the main downtown stretch. 4 gyms and a couple Pokéstops every block, then a few along the river. Enough to walk back and forth and have them be refreshed by the time you come back through.


We're all blue at Founders, but you're not getting a discount.


Downtown is where it's at. I never run out of pokeballs, my bag is constantly filling up, and there are almost always lures activated in a bunch of spots.

City Sen restaurant has declared for Team Mystic, but I'm not sure what color they are.

Reddit via Imgur
Reddit via Imgur

While Brick & Porter, just down the street from them, is all team red.

Let me add that I have no idea what any of this means, but I just thought I'd share. Good luck, hunting or Go-ing, or whatever you call the search for cartoon characters on your iPhone. I'll just sit here playing Dig Dug on my old school arcade game.

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