The string of great national press Grand Rapids has been getting over the past couple of years may have it a speed bump. After the New York Times gave Grand Rapids a glowing review for the new Downtown Market opening next year, everyone around town has been beaming with pride. The USA Today goes and rains on our parade.

In the November 15th edition of USA Today, food critic Larry Olmsted, in his review of Yesterdog "Michigan frankfurter fans flock to Yesterdog" compares the ambiance of the Eastown hot dog emporium to that of "a to-go place like a pizzeria, the other end offers tons of seating stretching through two long rooms – though every seat is often taken, and you still order at the counter. The interior has heavy, worn wooden booths with marble tables, spinning chrome bar stools and the entire space is heavily decorated with vintage advertising signs, an antique jukebox and a full-sized wooden phone booth. There's also an impressively ornate mechanical cash register – though the price of our order was calculated mentally, not mechanically."

All, however, is not rosy at the inspiration to American Pie's Dog Years Diner. Olmstead goes on to rate Yesterdog "OK" (Scale: Blah, OK, Mmmm, Yum!, OMG!) and says "The bottom line is that Yesterdog has interesting hot dog options in a unique setting, and it's a fun place to eat that is also a great bargain. Do I crave Yesterdog dogs after trying them? No. Would I go back if I were in the area? Absolutely."

This story even got a review on OUR local paper MLive "Yesterdog gets mediocre 'OK' rating from USA Today food critic" I live in Eastown and when i want a dog...its a toss up between Johnny B'z and Yesterdog. I can agree that Grand Rapids and Michigan in general, according to Olmstead "is hot dog crazy" All in all, that's a good thing for us hot dog people!