If you live in the Grand Rapids area-like most of us-you live in one of the most affordable places in the whole country. CNN and Money Magazines listing of the top 10 most affordable places in the US puts Grand Rapids at number 9! Go West Michigan!

Mlive reports "Grand Rapids listed as one of the nation's Top 10 affordable housing markets" that Grand Rapids is among a few Michigan cities on this list.

"Bay City was listed as the eighth most affordable market in the country, mainly because of its median home sales price of $82,000 compared to its median family income of $58,500. Lansing and East Lansing were ranked 11th while Battle Creek, Flint and Saginaw-Saginaw Township were ranked 14th. Fairbanks, Alaska was listed at the top of the list with a family median income of $92,900 compared to a median home sale price of $228,000."

The article also says "“Grand Rapids' economy has turned around over the past couple of years. Unemployment is down to just 6 percent less than half its recession peak of 16.1 percent some four years ago. Home prices here never reached the bubbly heights of other cities, and the bust wasn't quite as dramatic. The survey listed the median price of a home in Grand Rapids at $115,000 compared to a household median income of $60,300."

Now if we could just get some Twinkies around here!