Micah Yaroch had a really bad day on FOX's Master Chef, and then he did the unthinkable - he under-cooked the fish!

Micah Yaroch, who grew up in Grand Rapids (more on that in a minute), and is one of the youngest contestants ever on the show, saw his run end on Wednesday's episode of Master Chef.

The emotional kick in the face Micah received early in the show proved to undo him in the long run.

On family visitation night, NO ONE from the 19 year old's family showed up to see him. That's right. Nobody.

That had never happened before in the history of the show, which prompted host Gordon Ramsey to invoke the old 'We're your real family' cliche, and promised to help Micah launch his culinary career.

Micah could have used the help, because he promptly under-cooked the lamb in the team exercise, sending him to the elimination round, where he cut himself so badly he needed the help of medical professionals.

Later Yaroch did the worst thing you can do on a Gordon Ramsey show, UNDER-COOK THE FISH!! Ramsey hates that, and once that mistake was made, Micah was toast, pardon the pun.

Now, let's get down to some things about Micah that have weirded me out since he first appeared on the show.

He lived in Missouri before trying out for the show, which makes me wonder why he put Grand Rapids down as his hometown.

2) His family appears to support him on Instagram. Micah made it clear his family disapproves of his choice to pursue a culinary career. Yet, on his Instagram feed, his family seems close to him and very supportive. Maybe they just couldn't get the time off.

3) He is employed, and currently works at a restaurant in Fort Wayne. A GoFundMe page to raise $1000 to help him get the tools of the trade was set up and raised over double what he needed. I'm okay with Micah looking to jump start his career, but he is employed at The Pub@1802 in Fort Wayne, where he currently works as a chef.

At any rate, Micah is fine and off to start on his career, and he is still in touch with Gordon Ramsey.

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